Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Grinding Screwdrivers

 We all know that we shouldn't use a hardware store screwdriver on our firearms.  We need hollow-ground, parallel-tipped screwdrivers for gun work.  They fit the slot perfectly and minimize the risk of buggering up the screw slot.

I own a couple of sets of Brownell's screwdriver sets and I think that the Mag Tip is the bees knees.  But, several years ago I ordered a "Colt Set" from Brownell's.  These are specifically made for the Colt single action revolvers and the clones.  Playing the cowboy shooting games, this is the set that stays in the gun bag for quick screw tightening.  (Brownells #354-000-001WB)

Of course, I broke on.  And, it was the middle size, the one I used the most.  But, I'd been watching Mark Novak's channel, Anvil on You Tube, and he grinds screwdriver tips.  How hard can it be?  This morning, while doing checks on the revolvers  for this weekend's shoot, I decided to find out.

Take your time, go slow.  It ain't hard at all.

That worked just fine.  The tip fits the slots and feels solid.  Now, the screwdriver is back in service and should last until it gets buggered up again.  Don't be afraid to grind a screwdriver tip, guys.  If it is already broken, what do you have to lose?

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Stuart said...

Brownell's sells a gun screwdriver shaping stone for your drill. Works perfectly and it is fast.