Wednesday, August 25, 2021

More FBI Corruption

 It seems that the Obama/Biden/DNC corruption of the FBI is complete.  Several sources are reporting that the FBI has declined to do anything about the evidence that Rep Ilhan Omar married her own brother to commit immigration fraud.

Instapundit link here.

Jihad Watch link is here.

It seems that the statute of limitations has run on this mater.  The FBI finally sat on the case long enough that now they can legally do noting about it.  Of course, if the FBI had spent less time looking for Russia!, Rusia!, Russia!, or trying to paint patriotic Americans as "white supremacists" they may have found time to prosecute actual crime.

Now, the FBI is simply the enforcement arm of the Democratic party.  That's a shame.  I used to have a lot of respect for the FBI.


robert orians said...

They have been worthy of only a public hanging since back in 1992 when they shot Randy Weavers wife Vickie Weaver standing in the doorway of their cabin holding her two year old baby in her arms and also 6 months pregnant with another child . The brave fbi sniper Lon Horiuchi shot her . Lots of folk want to know where Lon is . He also killed Randys 13 year old son . FBI are scum deserving slow painful death and then Hells Fire .

Termite said...

"Lots of folk want to know where Lon is..."

Retired. If someone killed him now, you would just be killing a 67yr old man. It wouldn't prove much.

Regarding the statute of limitations on immigration fraud, I don't hink there is one as evidenced by former Nazi camp guards losing their US citizenship when finally tracked down.
But here is no desire to pursue the matter over at Fart Barf & Itch.

dogsledder said...

Actually, the ENTIRE federal government is completely corrupt and evil, with the possible exception. of parts of the military. The enlisted part and a few hidden rogue elements still fighting for the America which we love. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PROMOTES THE KILLING OF UNBORN BABIES, homosexuality, steals from us, enriches dirty politicians, rigs our elections, gives money and arms to our enemies, and spys on us among other unconstitutional an illegal acts.