Monday, August 30, 2021

No Problem.

 It looks like Ida missed us, and after last year's two direct hits, I"m okay with that.  While most of southeast Louisiana is in the dark this morning, awaiting daylight to start assessing the damage, we here in central Louisiana are okay.

Belle keeps a box of tissue on a table on the patio, and that is normally the first thing to leave during a storm.  When I awoke this morning and went outside, the tissue was still there on the table.  We never lost power and the breeze is out of the north.  

While we're okay, a great number of our neighbors in southeast Louisiana are not.  We will start learning the scope of the disaster after the sun comes up, but this was a big, slow-moving storm that kept hurricane status for over 12 hours after it came ashore.  We will learn more as the day progresses.

PawPaw's acre is okay, and I thnk God for that.  But when I talk with Him today, I'll ask Him to today, I'll ask Hi to look out for the people in southeast Louisiana and Mississippi.


DaveS said...

Glad to hear the good news about your corner of the world.
Still waiting for news from a friend who evacuated New Orleans and took refuge in Southern Mississippi. (Hoping that it wasn't a case of moving from the frying pan into the fire!)

Glypto Dropem said...

Glad to hear you're OK there Pawpaw. Last weekend, Henri was supposed to hammer us in Kommiecticut with 600,000 to 850,000 state wide outages lasting from 8 to 21 days compounded by massive flooding. The storm came ashore on Sunday unexpectedly in Westerly, RI and immediately fell apart. Windy with rain over me. It then cleared up for 12 hours and then made a breezy, wet return trip early on Monday. I only lost electricity for 15 minutes on late Monday afternoon when the power company shut it off to clear a large tree off a 3-phase feeder line. Unfortunately, it cost me my family vacation trip to Virginia. But that's OK, my wife and the rest of the family went. I could not leave with what they were predicting, and I don't have a crystal ball.