Monday, August 23, 2021


 I was talking with a buddy this weekend, a current working mechanic who specializes in helicopters.  We were talking about the aircraft that Biden left in Afghanistan. "I'm not worried about that equipment." he said.  "Without good maintenance, they won't last long.. Maybe two or three missions, if they can figure out how to fly them/"

Okay, that makes sense.  Aircraft are high-maintenance systems.

But, how about the wheeled vehicles?  All those hundreds of land vehicles we left behind?    I asked a very experienced auto mechanic what the best low-cost option for destroying a vehicle?

"Sand," says he.  "A cup of sand, either behind the air filter, or in the oil sump, or in the transmission.  Either one, or all three, but in an hour, that vehicle will be worthless."

It was just a couple of weekend conversations about equipment left in Afghanistan.


robert orians said...

Obama will see to it that they have 1st rate technical training and full parts and maintenance support . Does anyone really think leaving behind billions of weapons of war was accidental ? No more an accident than Barrys birthday bash to make everyone think he was no longer politically involved . Barry is still the president . He is calling the shots . Poor mumbling stumbling Slo Joe is a mere puppet .

dogsledder said...

Absolutely true, Robt. . This was an act of Treason, not just stupidity.

Anonymous said...

what about the Blackhawk(et al) technology falling into the Chinese and Russian hands? What about all the biometric info on our allies?
Hanging is too good.

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

I am thinking that Afghanistan's Gross Domestic Product will not be enough to buy the BATTERIES needed to keep all that Gee-whiz stuff running.

I don't think China will give them away.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I will bet the Spec Four mafia is doing something about the equipment left behind.

Termite said...

A few CBUs would take care of all that equipment.