Monday, August 30, 2021

Doing Fine

 I'm out in the shop, cleaning brass.  The tumbler is rattling in the background, and I thought I'd pull up the weather page to see what's happening.  Locally, we're under a misting rain, with winds out of the  NW at 10, gusting to 20.  Not a big deal.

That's the radar image, and we're fine.  This is still a huge storm, and lots of people are hurting, but we are counting our blessings.  Grandson Quinton is an E-4  in the Guard, and he was activated on Saturday.  He's somewhere in that mess we haven't heard from him since last night.  His unit hunkered down in a school-house and they will be doing relief work, helping evacuees and distributing food and water until the local authorities can stand up their own efforts.  From all reports, they have no cell service, but I'm sure that his leadership is taking care of him.

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Old NFO said...

Great news! And yes, prayers for those still in the path...