Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Biden Continues Gun Push

 While simultaneously wanting to disarm Americans,he arms the Taliban.  Biden''s gun policy is absolutely incoherent.  And, now, he is banning the import of Russian ammunition.

That will do nothing to dissuade the Russians, and has enraged American gun enthusiasts.

Biden should be laser-focused on the borer, the Covid pandeic, and the American economy.  Those three items are much more important than restircintg the right of Americans to buy Russian ammo.


dogsledder said...

Biden is not SMART enough to focus on a problem, to determine the best- or any- solution, or to implement a plan to fix it. Neither are Kommie Harris , Nasty Pelosi, or Cuck Schumer. To quote a song from "Incubus", Life is a roller coaster, and we are not strapped in.

Old NFO said...

I doubt he even knows it's being done... Minions are doing it 'for' him.

Justin_O_Guy said...

He's got breathing instructions tattooed inside his eyelids.