Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Vaccine Hesitancy

 Why are some very good people hesitant to get the vaccine?  It's simple.  They are hesitant because they watch the news, and the news lies to us.  And, lies to us for political reasons.  A compelling article at The Liberty Daily breaks it down for us.

The lies that the media has told us since 2016 while covering compelling stories that turn out to either be completely false, or don't pass a basic smell test.  From Brexit, to Trump, to Russia, Russia, Russia, the media has been completely wrong.  From Jussie Smollette to the riots in 2019, they've been wrong.  They have been pushing a political agenda rather than simply reporting the news.

Anthony Fauci (bless his heart) made it political during his attempts to either save PPE  for health care professionals or during his attempts to fudge the numbers on herd immunity. Noble lies, to be sure, done  with the best intentions.  But lies nonetheless.  Fauci will lie to you.  It doesn't help that he helped fund the very lab that the virus escaped from, then tried to cover for the lab, while spitting nonsense about a market down the street fro his lab.

The media have been lying to us for years.  They collude with Big Tech to suppress information that doesn't fit a political narrative.  For example, they suppressed the Wuhan lab leak theory for months until the weight of common sense overwhelmed their ability to perpetuate the lie abut the wet market.

They told us that that vaccine would save us, to help us return to something like a normal life.  Now, the same people who told us that are telling us that the variants of the Wu-Flu are a "new game" and that we must mask, social distance, and wash our hands, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.  Did they lie to us before, or are they lying to us now?  Can those same people be trusted at all?  The Boy Who Cried Wolf is more than just a cautionary tale.

For the record, I am fully vaccinated.  After doing my research, consulting with my physician, and considering options I decided to get the jab.  Yet, I understand fully why many people are hesitant.  The medical profession has no one to blame but themselves.  


Glypto Dropem said...

I stated on my own blog and elsewhere, I am NO LONGER hesitant. Hesitant means you may consider it at some future date. I would rather die in a pile of empty brass surrounded by the dead bodies of armed government jab goons that came to administer the jab by force at gunpoint. I have read and understood way too much to submit to such nonsense for someone like me. If you have health issues that make the jab a better bet for survival than the Chink-Bug, then I say have at it. But no one has any business mandating it or forcing it upon anyone else.

Judy said...

If I wasn't interested in the 'flu' shot or pneumonia shot before the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020. Then, why, would I be interested in an experimental gene therapy with unknown long-term side effects in humans? I wish to remain in the control group, thank-you very much.