Sunday, August 22, 2021

Victor Davis Hanson on Biden

 Victor Davis Hanson pens a powerful piece at Fox News.

A teaser:

As for Biden, his team in defeat threatens the victorious Taliban with possible ostracism from global diplomacy as the price of their illiberality. We are to assume that in between executing women, the Taliban will fear losing the chance to visit the U.N. in New York.

I don't think that the Taliban is worried about their global reputation.  They have worked too long on it. 

In a sane world, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the secretary of defense would resign. We have heard for too long their careerist boasts about assigning climate change as their chief challenge. For too long they have virtue-signaled their critical race theory credentials to Congress. For too long they have bragged about rooting out alleged white supremacists from their ranks. For too long they have sparred with journalists while fighting Twitter wars and issuing cartoonish commercials attesting to their woke credentials. 

In other words, they sermonized on anything and everything — except their plans to prevent a humiliating military defeat of U.S. forces and their allies. 

Concur.  In a sane world, they would be facing Article 134 charges for casting discredit on the US Armed Forced.  Loss of pay and pension, reduction to the lowest enlisted rank, and a Dishonorable Discharge should be enough punishment.

I still have a firm faith  in the enlisted grades, and the junior and field grade officers of our Armed Forces.  I have no faith in the leadership beyond that.  They have squandered my respect.


Old NFO said...

NOTHING is sane about this whole situation!

Jonathan H said...

Unfortunately I think that is the intent...their goal is to weaken us irretrievably. They are rushing since they know the time before push back is short.