Sunday, August 08, 2021

Covid UPdate

 After mowing the yard, I'm cooling off, clicking on some links, and I see that Rapides Regional Medical Center has been updating their Covid numbers this weekend.  Kudos to them.

First, the numbers from Saturday.

That is down a few from Friday, but then I see today's numbers.

Well, crap.  The numbers jumped again today.  Hopefully, these folks are doing well.  At the church lately, we've been praying for covid patients quite a bit.  It seems that regardless of the best eforts of our medical people, this thing is going to have its way with us.

UPDATE TO ADDSome pundits are starting to notice that a severe uptick in the Covid numbers coincides neatly with the Biden policy of allowing unrestricted migration, and transporting Covid-infected illegal aliens into American cities.

I note that just before our surge in Louisiana began, there were reports of busloads of illegals being dropped off in Shreveport, Monroe, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette.  All of these cities are Louisiana metro areas and all have seen a corresponding spike in Covid.  My hometown, Alexandria, has an ICE facility out near the airport where illegals are processed through.

Correlation does not equal causation, but it seems that if we are trying to cure Covid, we might not want to transport Covid-infected people into places that are already fighting it.  Which is everywhere in the US.  I'm just saying.

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Maybe not, but 2+2 still = 4... Just sayin...