Sunday, August 08, 2021

Sunday Update

 The rodeo is over.  No participants injured, all the animals are fine.

I worked the chuck wagon crew, cooking.  The crowd ate a lot of hamburgers, fries, and nachos.  Hot dogs didn't sell.  But, our chuck wagon crew makes a great hamburger.  Another guy and I were in the cook shack, and a crew of ladies were in the concession stand, pushing food out the window.

Before I left for the arena last night, Belle and I put a pound of red beans and a pound of sausage in the crock pot, turned it on LOW, and let it bump.  We'll eat red beans and rice later today

We're under a dry spell, finally, during August.  I'm going to finish this cup of coffee, fire up the lawn mower and cut my ditches.  They need it.

Y'all have a blessed Sunday.

1 comment:

be603 said...

"the hotdogs didn't sell"

Now that's interesting. Just a random day or something afoot in "what we eat" as a people?