Sunday, August 01, 2021

Just Two Weeks? HA!

 CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Says We Just Need Two Weeks to Stop the Delta Variant.

Two weeks, huh?  Where have we heard this before?  I seem to recall in my deep memory that we were supposed to slow the spread of the Covid plague in fourteen days.  Does anyone else remember that?  How did that work out, I can't recall?

Oh, yeah!  We're over 500 days into that disaster, and still trembling from the after-shocks.  A crushed economy, staggering loss of personal freedom, setting education back a decade, increased mental illness, a wrecked election, the list goes on and on.  That "Fourteen days to slow the spread" was in unbridled disaster for most Americans.  Anyone who thinks that we should repeat that disaster is demented, evil, and out of touch withreality.

Imagine where we might be if they hadn't lied to us for the past 18 months.


Whatever said...

You’re still a ranting gibbering idiot that knows nothing about this. Stick to fiddling with the rest of your Hicks down there.

Jonathan H said...

Can you prove your allegations, or do you expect us to believe you because of you are rude and arrogant? You are making his point with comments like that.

Whatever said...

The point is proven by this gibbering turd denying all actions on the pandemic while the numbers prove the problem.

dogsledder said...

I will not comply !

Termite said...

Is there a fly buzzing around in here?