Monday, August 16, 2021


 If you are wondering how the Taliban made such huge tactical advances over the past few days, it seems that there is only one answer.  Corruption.

“The level of corruption within the Afghanistan military and the government, that’s how the Taliban won a lot of this, is they would pay the commanders off to surrender a city before,” she explained. “So those who genuinely do want to fight—and there are a lot of men that wanted to genuinely fight—were kept in the dark and ANA [Afghan National Army] commanders were basically paid off in advance to surrender the city and they were left with no choice but ‘you have no choice but to basically run.'”

And, everyone is asking, Where is Joe Biden? 

Maybe the Taliban paid him off too.  This is an unmitigated foreign-policy disaster the likes of when we haven't seen since the downfall of Saigon, or maybe the Iran hostage crisis.  And this is Joe Biden's.  It's all his.


WI Jason said...

"History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid."
- General Dwight D. Eisenhower

dogsledder said...

All according to the plans of our clueless leader.

robert orians said...

Does anyone else feel a profound sense of national shame ? Or as Aaron Lewis sings " Am I the Only One " ?

Anonymous said...

Biden's Team is lamely pointing out that it was Donald Trump who chose this course of action. So this is on the Donald say them.

But they conveniently forget that Biden changed many many actions enacted by Trump by Executive Order. Immigration - Key Stone pipeline and many many others were reversed by Biden, many in the 1st two weeks if you remember. So Biden must have CHOSEN to keep the pull-out suggested by Trump. Biden Approved, right ? Or are they admitting Biden just isn't all there ?

Trump may have suggested it, but Biden could have changed it and went through with it. Biden's plate sez I.