Friday, August 27, 2021

The Unfolding Storm

 Waking this morning, drinking coffee, our eyes are focused on two storms, one in the Afghan capitol and one soon to enter the Gulf.  While the storm in Afghanistan is metaphorical, the one in the Gulf is physical.

We all know by now that yesterday was the deadliest day for American forces in a decade.  I mourn the loss, but probably the greatest revelation from yesterdays new is that US officials have given a list of Americans and Afghan allies to the Taliban.  I am astounded.  This seems like treason.  The idea makes me numb with shock.

Turning to the tropical system, it looks like Tropical Storm Ida will run into the western edge of Cuba, then enter the Gulf later today.  There will be wobbles, but it looks like Ida will hit the Louisiana coast sometime late Sunday as a Cat 2 or 3 hurricane.  Right now, the wobbles seem to be trending to the east, but it is way to early to know for certain.  I've seen these things wobble significantly in the last hours before landfall.

According to KFLY Meteorologist Trevor Sonnier:

National Hurricane Center now calling for a 115 mph major hurricane to make landfall across southeastern or south-central Louisiana by Sunday night or Monday morning, depending on how far west Ida gets. A southeast Louisiana landfall would happen quicker, while a Vermilion Bay landfall would be delayed about 6-8 hours. Subtle differences of 30-40 miles will make a difference for Acadiana at this point. Eastern-most model solutions would put Acadiana in a better spot versus the further west Vermilion Bay solutions, which would put Acadiana more in the crosshairs. Unfortunately, these minor differences are settled by slight angle changes in track or wobbles, which cannot be determined until the storm is very close to landfall.

It's time to check the oil in the generator.  I think I have sufficient fuel.  All the gas cans are full, and I have several full bottles of butane.

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Steve said...

If we excise (hung them for treason) the generals AND the ground pukes that gave this list to the talliwackers.....who would be available to lead the real heroes; the ground troops(E1's-E7's)?