Friday, August 20, 2021


 The church is holding a rodeo tonight.  The rainy summer has thus far set our schedule back by several month, but it appears that the the we are going to be able to hold a rodeo in the arena tonight.  I'm not sure of the schedule, but the crews will start meeting about 5:30 and the grand entrance will commence at 7:00.

PawPaw will be there, supporting the effort.  My paltry contribution is to the Chuck Wagon Crew where I will be manning a flat-top griddle, feeding the hungry horde.  We will spread God's word,  ministering to the multitude, and enjoying an evening of barrels, team roping and rough stock.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood, drop by the Cowboy Church at 6906 Highway 28 East in Pineville.  The admission is free, and a burger, fires and a Coke cost a meager $6.00.  You can't buy a meal and McDonald's for that, and you get to watch pretty girls on horses besides

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Old NFO said...

Hope it goes well! Rodeo burgers are ALWAYS better than the ones at sporting events!!!