Thursday, August 05, 2021


 No, really, mop and broom housekeeping this morning.  With a wife who works, and refuses to retire, the housework falls on me.  I'm not complaining, just saying that is how things work.

Between chores, I do internet surfing, and find that the numbers from Rapies Regional are the same as yesterday.

Still no word our of our other large hospital, but this provides a baseline.  Good on RRMC!

After that, I go over to The Dead Pelican, a Louisiana  news aggregation site, and learn that the demand in Louisiana for the Covid vaccine has quadrupled.

People in Louisiana - one of the least vaccinated states in the US - are suddenly clamoring for shots as the Delta variant rages there.

That is good news, I reckon.   I see both sides of the argument, and of course, Belle is a Registered Nurse and a big proponent of the vaccine..  That aside, I recommend that everyone consult with their physician and make the decision that is best for you.   

The dryer just buzzed at me, so it's time to gt back to the distaff chores.  


Jonathan H said...

Is the vaccine supposed to cover the delta variant? I have yet to see any useful information on what variants it does cover...

Termite said...