Monday, August 02, 2021

Mask Up, Louisiana

 That's the message that our petty tyrant, John Bel Edwards is pushing with his new mask mandate.  It seems that the Delta variant of Covid-19 is going to kill us all, and the only thing John Bell can think of is to try and force us to wear Covid-coozies.  

He did bring in a bunch of medical professionals to tell us how absolutely game-changing the Delta variant is.  They also told us that they were swamped, short-staffed, and exhausted they are.  Yeah, that's what happens in a pandemic, and I salute the people in the wards and working the floors.  But, I don't feel sorry for hospital administrators.  We are now 18 months into this thing, and they should be planning a way out of oit.  An organization cannot work at crisis level long-term.

I have argued before that the biggest problem with the medical community today is the depth of involvement with the government.  If I were a hospital administrator, that would be one of my first priorities. But, they made their choice, let them live with it.

Still, Louisiana is again under a mask mandate.

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robert orians said...

Ivermectin stopped covid dead in its tracks in India for 7 cents per pill. We can't let that info get out though . We have to feed big pharma . Or they will eat us .