Friday, August 27, 2021

Remembering Katrina

 Other folks have mentioned that Hurricane Katrina blew through on August 29, 2005, almost exactly 16 years ago.  A little recap:  After the eye of the storm passed to the northeast, (the weak side), New Orleans suffered a breach of the levee system, effectively drowning ta major portion of the city.  The flood pumps didn't work, the Democrat mayor of the city failed to mobilize the city's buses, and many people were left stranded on roofs, many people drowned.  The city devolved into chaos and anarchy.

New Orleans in September 2005 was probably the last time that militias took control of neighborhoods to prevent looting.  New Orleans required major assistance from the Federal govt, the state govt, other local police departments.  After the debacle had settled down, the mayor went to prison for corruption.  His name was Ray Nagin,

Major portions of New Orleans sit below sea level.  The main tourist area, the French Quarter sits below the level of the Mississippi River that flows past it.  New Orleans is a disaster waiting on the proper set of conditions.

The current mayor, Latoya (the destroyer) Cantrell makes Ray Nagin lok like a choir boy.  She, however, has no excuse, because the history of the city is one where the problems during Katrina were well documented.  I hope that the pumps work, and that she knows where the keys to all the buses are.  Over the next 24 hours, lots of mayors and parish officials will start issuing evacuation orders, and Latoya should understand that this time,the city will be on the east (the strong side) of the storm, if not in the eye of it.

Things may get real interesting in Ne Orleans over the next 72 hours.


robert orians said...

Prayers for the Big Easy ! Lord have Mercy !

Old NFO said...

I'm afraid of this one, and the possible results...

BobF said... "LaToya Cantrell called for a voluntary evacuation for residents inside levee protection. She said in a 5:30 p.m. [Friday] press conference that there was not enough time to call for contraflow and a mandatory evacuation."

Not enought time? I've been tracking for three days now. How much time would she have wanted? No bus keys needed.

Elizabeth John said...

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