Monday, August 30, 2021

I Wonder What's Left?

Cocodrie is a community in southeast Louisiana, south of Houma.  Down in the bayou country.  It's beautiful and inhabited by good people.  And, I wonder if it's there any more.  I'm sure that Laura didn't do it any favors.

Thirty years ago, I had a buddy, Charlie (Cholly), who lived on Bayou DuLarge, in that area.  The road in front of his house was asphalt, but just below his house, it turned into an oyster-sell road.  There isn't much gravel in south Louisiana, but there is a lot of oyster shell.   Down that road a bit, a big pile of oyster shell marked the end of the road.  Below that was marsh, and the Gulf.

I wonder what's left down there today?  My heart bleeds for south Louisiana.


Whatever said...

The sooner you inbred Lou-sers are washed away the better.

Old NFO said...

I wonder about those down in Houma too...