Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Carbon Monoxide is a SILENT KILLER

Generators are life-saving devices under conditions where the grid goes down,  Either hurricane or ice storm

But, generators accounted for over half the deaths associated with Hurricane Laura last year.  

Please, people, twenty (20) feet from the house, not under cover.  Not in your garage or patio, certainly not in the living room.  

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Glypto Dropem said...

Several years ago there was almost a mass casualty incident in the western part of CT because of C.O. The call came in for four family members all feeling very ill. The first responder went in and immediately collapsed. The next one went in and also collapsed. Another one saw what was happening and ran in to help... then collapsed. 2 or 3 more went to go in to save the others but were stopped before they entered. Firefighters in SCBA went in and dragged everyone out. The family was in the process of being evicted and the electricity had been cut off. They were running a gasoline generator in the basement. C.O. levels were so high in the house that the gas meters could not read the levels. Luckily, everyone survived.