Thursday, December 21, 2017

Thanks, NICS

It looks like the gun-control background check system that the Feds rely on has taken a dump.
WBRZ reports that “the FBI acknowledged an issue occurred on its NICS website” but gun store owners throughout Louisiana say the background check system “crashes every year” around Christmastime.
Scott Roe owns Spillway Sportsman in Port Allen and he said the NICS system “shut down completely, nothing worked.”
Stores in the area estimate that they've lost over $70k in sales due to the shutdown.

I mean... damn....  How Griinch can the FBI be?  This system should have a fail-safe.   They're only affecting the law-abiding, so they should issue a blanket PROCEED any time the system goes awry.  It's not like they prosecute felons with guns, anyway.

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