Monday, December 04, 2017

Monday Musings

Stopped by my breakfast restaurant to get a bite this morning.  A sausage biscuit is a buck.  A bacon biscuit costs $2.20.  Why the hell is that?

I haven't driven my truck much in the last five years.  I'm driving it today and on my lunch break, got a light sprinkle.  Windshield wipers just smeared the water.   Auto Zone was two blocks away, so I swing in to get new wiper blades.   I grabbed two Rain-X blades and headed toward the register.  Over $50.00 for two wiper blades??  I almost had a stroke.  But, it's supposed to rain tomorrow, so I'll be able to see, coming in to work.

When I was a tanker, we had this thing called the tanker's bar.  It was six feet long, with a pinch  point, and we used it to pry all manner of things.  It was listed on the tool receipt as a Bar, Pinch Point. Over the years I've had one thing or another that I could have applied a tanker's bar to, but just didn't have one.  Wandering through Harbor Freight today, I saw a big bar, labeled 17 lb Posthole Digging Bar with Tamper.  It ain't a tanker's bar, but it should serve as a nice expedient.  I have to pull the forms off the slab, and with a chunk of firewood as a fulcrum, this thing should serve admirably.


jon spencer said...

At work we had what was known as BFR bars.
Big F***ing Rock bar.
I just did a image search and your "tanker bar" and my "BFR bar" are the same.

DocV said...

The sausage is cheaper to keep you from asking what's in it. ;-)

Alexander said...

Drilling rigs have a tool called "a five foot iron bar". That's exactly what it is.

Sabre22 said...

Harbor Freight has a 5 foot pinch point bar online for 26.99 plus shipping