Friday, December 29, 2017

The Weather

It looks like we're going to have a cold snap early next week to usher it 2018.  So be it.  I've lived through cold snaps before.  I recall the winter of '77, when I lived at Fort Knox, and the travails o being a young company commander whose troops lived in WWII barracks.  It was no joy at all.  The winters of '78 and '79 were no cake-walk either.

As I recall, the great bookieman of the weather scientists in those days was global cooling.  Yeah,, we were headed for a new Ice Age.  Seriously.

T hen, sometimes after Al Gore lost his bid for the presidency, he began a campaign to make himself filthy rich by proclaiming that the earth was getting warmer.  I've been openly skeptical  of that farce since it's beginning.  For a number of reasons, the glowball warmening crowd cried gloom-and-doom, but they didn't change their personal habits.  Like, for example, flying private jets to climate conferences.

Now, President Trump is expressing skepticism, and the DNC-MSM are losing their minds.

It's weather, people.  Get over it.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to put on my long johns and venture out to the shop.  I have more wiring to pull, and outlets to install.  It's cold out there.


Old NFO said...

For real answers, look at the sunspot activity. It goes up, the temps go up, it goes down, the temps go down... Rocket surgery, it ain't... :-) said...

Gonna be a balmy -18°F here tomorrow...for a high. We aren't supposed to see + numbers until next week sometime.