Friday, December 01, 2017


I don't normally drive the F150, but last week I was driving it and heard an ominous grinding sound coming from the back  It sounded like the brakes were gone, and this week I stopped at the auto parts store and bought brake pads.  I don't remember the last time I changed the brakes on that truck, but I haven't driven it much in the last three years.

I put new back brakes on it today.  Luckily, the rotors were okay, so I dodged that bullet.  I"ll put fronts on it tomorrow morning after I drink my coffee. 

You know, a goodly part of this blog is about maintenance I do around the house, simply so that I can search later and find out when I did one thing or another.  This is one of those posts, so that in three or four years, I can search and find out when I put brakes on the truck.

Now, it's Happy Hour.  Y'all enjoy your Friday night.


Old NFO said...

Yep, records, however one keeps them...LOL

John in Philly said...

We have a small logbook in each car. (I was going to write "wheelbook" but I speak squid)

If you are inspecting your brake pads, PMS checks in squidspeak, don't put one of the almost worn out pads back with the steel side facing the rotor. In the time it takes to hear the grinding noise, you have ruined the rotor.

Pawpaw said...

Jonathan. The Army calls it PMCS (Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services) So, I know of whence you speak.

No, I didn't ruin the rotor. This old truck was my daily driver for about ten years, then I got another vehicle to ut miles on. I need a truck, but I don't need a truck every day. It's got 200K on the odo, but it lights up every time I turn the key.