Thursday, December 28, 2017

Pulling Wire

I've been pulling wire all day.  Well, not exactly, I've been installing MC 12-2 (Some call it BX).  It's a metal-clad wire suitable for installation in metal buildings.  Which is exactly where I'm putting it.  I've done about all I intend to do today, and I need to pick my electrician's bran before I go further.

I need to decide whether I'm going to wire my receptacles in series (daisy-chain) or parallel (all pulling off a common circuit) before I go much further.  I'm also wondering if I need to go with 10-2 wire for my air conditioners.  Generally, we use 10-2 for 220 volt applications, but the spec sheet on these two units claim that they only pull 15 amps These are 18,000 BTU units, which generally call for the larger cable, but I showed the spec sheet to the electrician where I bought my supplies and he told me that if he were doing the install, he'd use the 12-2, which is rated for 20 amps.

Decisions, decisions.  I feel safe using the 12-2, but I'll talk to my electrician, who is familiar with the inspectors around here.  It certainly wouldn't hurt anything to use 10-2 except for the added expense.

I have some young help coming to assist on Saturday, and hopefully, we can get this job wrapped up so that I can have it inspected next week.


Jonathan H said...

Would it be a good idea to use 12-2 and put each one on its own circuit?

Old NFO said...

After working in telcom, I HATE pulling wire... sigh

Anonymous said...

I'd go with 10 gauge. The next unit you install may require more amps.