Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Tuesday Scribblings

If you don't like the weather in Louisiana, just stick around.  This morning dawned overcast and muggy, at about 72F.  Around 10:00 the wind changed out of the south, to the west, and the the rain started.  Now, at near dusk, it's 50, and headed toward the 40s.  I'm glad I had a jacket in the truck.

Planning for Louisiana State continues apace.  The ladies want to do a banquet, which is an option at this sort of gathering.  I'm a rookie at planning this sort of thing, and I was doing it the hard way, trying to figure it out myself.  However, a co-worker acquaintance heard me bemoaning my fate and gave me some cogent advise.  "Go see Southern Creations."  So I did.

I got the literature and talked to a manager, and  then talked to some other folks who have used them for catering.  The personal reviews are very promising, so I guess that decision is made.  I'll hand the literature (menu choices) to Belle, because she's better at that sort of thing than I am.

I'll be back at work before long, the protracted day of the school-house cop.  Lots of pre-holiday events going on, and there's soccer.  There is always soccer.  And basketball.

On the political side, I see that Conyers resigned today.  The Dems want him out before Alabama votes next week.  I haven't checked the line in Vegas as to whether or not Franken will be pushed out. I figure that it's an even-money bet, because it's hard for the Dems to bitch about Moore, when Franken is still serving, and groping everyone in sight.

UPDATE**  In the paragraph above, I originally said that Cornyn had resigned.  A commenter caught the error and it has been corrected.  Representative John Conyers of Michigan has resigned.  I regret the error.


Anonymous said...

Conyers not Cornyn resigned.

Jonathan H said...

I am surprised that he resigned. I doubt Franken will go unless he gets pushed out - from what I've seen, he is too full of himself to be gracious and resign. He still claims he won his seat fairly despite all of the high jinks and documented vote fraud involved.