Wednesday, December 13, 2017

First Look

In 2004, Belle and I bought this place.  It came with a spare lot, which we though would be just perfect for a shop/party area/entertaining spot.  In 2014 we took up Cowboy Fast Draw and wanted out own indoor range where we could host shoots, and have club activities without worrying about the weather.

Dreams do come true, and the building is coming up.

Dreams do come true.  In God's time.


Old NFO said...

You're doing a great thing for the club! Congrats to y'all!

Anonymous said...

We had a metal building but a few years ago. On one end we had the contractor add a loft at 8 feet high across one end of the building. It added 240 square feet of storage without taking away from the floor area. The loft was not expensive. This may not suit your purpose but I felt I should mention it.