Monday, December 18, 2017


Truth, from Dilbert

After watching grandkids interact with their devices, there is a certain amount of truth here.


Anonymous said...

If the zombies only eat brains, I believe they're going to starve.
Smart phones, generally speaking, make stupid people. Not 100%, but more often than not.
--Tennessee Budd

Old NFO said...

That is SO true... sigh

Goatwhiskers said...

Attributed to Einstein: "I fear the day when technology will surpass our normal human interactions. We will have a generation of idiots." Personally I think that day is here. My own sweet wife if she's not on the phone is lost in the fictional electronic world of fakebook. Got no use for any of it. Got rid of my "smart" phone (on trial) and went back to my old flip.

Robert said...

What does a vegetarian zombie want? "Grains". Ha!