Friday, December 08, 2017


UPDATE:  At 6:00 a.m., the superintendent finally decided that schools should be closed today.  Good call.  Folks in Louisiana simply are not prepared to deal with snow.  It's not a skill set that we have ever adopted.  When it snows, we shut down.

The weather channel is reporting thunder snow in Baton Rouge and I know that my daughter-in-law, a Florida native, is thrilled.  The weather channel is reporting that this is the first year they can remember, where Corpus Christi got show before Boston.

It's snowing in central Louisiana on the morning of December 8th.

Yeah, really.

No word yet on whether school will be closed today.  In another half-hour, I'll pull on my boots.


Anonymous said...

Those of us from the Northern states get quite a kick out of it when Southerners shut down over an amount of snow which wouldn't be a valid excuse to be late to work up here.

Then again, we freak out over 60 mph winds......

Mark D

Anonymous said...

Oh I am absolutely thrilled!!! Your grandson is too!

Jonathan H said...

How much snow total did you get?

Javahead said...

I lived in Phoenix for a few years. Drivers there have real problems on the rare occasions when there's real rain. Half drive like there's a foot of snow on the streets . . . and the other half drive at full speed.

Dave said...

We got 3" in College Station, TX between about 6:30pm and midnight. Nothing stuck to the roads, or anything that was bare ground/pavement for that matter.

So we didn't even get a school delay out of it.