Friday, December 15, 2017


Nothing much to report today.  So, I'll answer questions about the building  that are in comments.

 USCitizen said...
Is an epoxy seal floor coating a part of the plan? That would give it some sparkle!
I've never seen an epoxy coating hold up.  My brother-in-law, for example, paid good contractors to have it applied on a patio.  Two years later, it looks horrible.  I think I'll pass on that.  Clean concrete is a wonderful flooring.

 Jonathan H said...  
When/ how are you going to run the electric? Are you going to run water too?
The electrical is coming quick, probably in a week or so.  When I got home this afternoon, I found my sons in the yard, looking at the building, so we took a few minutes to talk about those very things.  This week is going to be a busy one for everybody, with Christmas coming and all, but I want the lights installed the week after Christmas. The boys and I can do that, but the local code inspector will have to sign-off on the electrical job before the utility company will hook me to the grid. 

But, both of my boys are competent electricians, and both of them have been through this drill in the past year.  The're very good at it.  And, PawPaw hisself knows his way round a breaker-box.  I've been installing home improvement circuits all my life.  I know how to read a volt meter and I know how to install a good ground.  In a metal building, a good ground is very important.  We have lights and outlets covered.

Water you ask?  That's not covered in the permits.   The less said about that until the inspectors are through with the building, the better.  However, I note, just in passing, that there is a water line and a sewer line passing close to the building.  I'm just sayin'.


John in Philly said...

You might consider figuring enough amps to run a welder.
If you have done so, good planning!
I have just a touch of building envy.

Old NFO said...

Hehehe, I know nozzink applies, right?

Dorsal Spine said...

A good commercial grade epoxy applied correctly will get the job done. Most of what you see in the big box stores is a waste of money. You can't use it on fresh concrete anyway. The concrete is still curing and the moisture involved in that process will pop the epoxy loose.

mostly cajun said...

Clean concrete is nice, but will forever give up dust. In substation buildings with concrete floors, we use a sealant for dust mitigation. You can apply it with a mop, like you're waxing the floor.

Yes, it wears away, but reapplying is as simple as another mopping.