Thursday, December 14, 2017


I went home on my break, and saw that the builder had completed the roof and hanged the roll-up door.  His portion is complete.  I was walking around inside, taking pictures and my very first visitor came through the door.

That's my buddy Termite.  He's just in from offshore and brought me a quart of very fresh Gulf oysters.  And, we wandered around the building.  Very shortly thereafter, the builder showed up.  I had told him that I'd be hone about 3:30 with a big check in my pocket.  I paid him off, and he said that he was headed for the deer camp.

Belle rolled up within minutes, and we surveyed the building, then I had to go back to work.    I put the oysters in the 'fridge, gave Belle her kiss, and headed toward the school-house.  If I know my gal, she'll have the crackers and horse-radish out shortly, getting in to the oysters.  No one likes fresh oysters better than my Belle.

If you're in the central Louisiana area and need a metal building, call Jesse Wiggins at 318-449-9666.  He'll do a good job for you, and has the PawPaw seal of approval.


USCitizen said...

The Building is looking really good!

Is an epoxy seal floor coating a part of the plan? That would give it some sparkle!

Old NFO said...

Very nice! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm trying hard not to commit the sin of envy. It's not going well.
Looks great, PawPaw! Congratulations!
--Tennessee Budd

Jonathan H said...

Wow, big, open, and empty - I'm sure it will fill up soon enough!

When/ how are you going to run the electric? Are you going to run water too?