Monday, September 20, 2021


 Something interesting from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.  It seems that during recent hurricanes, licensed growers of exotic hoofed species suffered some pen damage, and the critters got out.

I was on a deer stand years ago, and had an emu wander by.  But, in another month or so, deer season will open, and there are exotics inthe woods.  LWF's guidance is clear.  Drag 'em out.

I found this on Facebook originally, but decided to go to the LWF website to double-check.    Sure enough, the notice is here.  Interesting.  Some lucky Louisiana hunter may get an elk this year.


Robert Orians said...

Wish I could send you a meme I have saved . It's funny . The header says " Why UFO's don't land in Louisiana " The picture shows two good ole boys in bib overalls with no shirt and each have their shotguns . One has a liitle green man hung over his shoulder and the other guy is holding his dead little green man up by the legs . He says to the other " Don't matter what it is , just enough meat to make a fine Gumbo " Had to think about you when I saw it Ha!Ha!Ha!

Old NFO said...

LOL, and 'somebody' is out a lot of money for those 'exotics' and the loss of hunts for them. Hope you get some of them!!!

Unknown said...
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