Saturday, September 04, 2021

Spider Lily

 While mowing this morning, I found a white spider lily near the fence.

I have several of these planted near the fence, and I mowed around it, to let those bulbs flower.  Around the oak tree in the front yard, I have several of the red variety.  They signal the coming of autumn, and while I know that we still have hot weather in September, they are a harbinger of cooler temperatures.


BobF said...

Mother used to say they were the half-way mark in hurricane season and that it was bad luck to mess with them. If she caught me cutting one with the mower there was hell to pay -- Opelousas and Algiers in the 50s and 60s. Thinking back on it her match was a bit off, but even if I'd known it then I'd have kept it to myself.

BobF said...

Uh, that's "math" not "match."