Tuesday, September 21, 2021

On The Border

 On the border, down near Del Rio, TX, we're seeing an influx of Haitian folks trying to get into the US.  Over 10,0000 the last I heard.  Most of them camped under the International Bridge.  Governor Abbot has sent a bunch of DPS folks down there to try and stem the flow.

There is liberal outage, I understand, because the Texans brought horses.  Imagine that!  Texas law enforcement on horses.  The photo below is causing especial angst because... I don't know hy.

That trooper ain't whipping anyone.  With his left hand, he is controlling the horse, with his right hand, He is grabbing the miscreant by the shirt-sleeve.  That rope-looking thing between them seems to be loose.  It doesn't appear to the rains.

Here's another photo.

Here we have what appears o be a tranquil border scene, where a bored trooper is twirling the end of a rope,  probably to straighten it prior to coiling.  I've seen cowboys do this thousands of times.  There is nothing threatening about it.  Just two stalwart cops, doing a days work.

If Kamala would like to complain, maybe she needs to get her malfeasant as down to Del Rio and do something productive.  Oh, wait,... I forgot.  She ain't never been productive.


Robert Orians said...

If the gubmint won't do the job it will be left up to " We THe People " and they won't like it when we jump in .

Anonymous said...

Nice comment from people that have never ridden a horse or no the gear,stupid city folk