Thursday, September 02, 2021

The Taliban's Arsenal

 According to several reports, the Biden administration is scrubbing lists of equipment that it provided to the Afghan Army.  Much of this equipment fell into the hands of the Taliban, providing them a windfall of military goodies.

Forbes reports that the State Department is telling other federal agencies to scrub their websites of lists of weapons the U.S. provided the Afghan military over the years.

So, to protect the record, it may be useful to store this little graphic right here.

 That is a pretty good haul.  But, as it turns out, the US forces who departed the Kabul airport did destroy some equipment before departing. It seems that the Taliban is angry that the US destroyed their "national assets".

The Taliban expressed their anger at the US for destroying military equipment before their withdrawal from Afghanistan saying Americans destroyed their “national assets”.

National assets, huh?  That's rich.

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Sabre22 said...

Next time drop a few Nukes on the area and see how offended they get. I wonder if the Pedo in chief got his usual 10% ?