Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Going Wheels Up

 Belle and I are traveling commercial air tomorrow morning.  The last time I traveled commercial was in 2007.  We'll get to the airport in plenty of time for the bureaucratic nonsense.

I promised her that I would not do anything to embarrass her.  I love flying.  Give me a wing and an engine, and I'm a happy camper.  I have been on military flights where several hundred of my closest friends walk ed hp the back ramp of an aircraft with weapons slung and sat in web seats.  I've flown on Hueys with my feet hanging out of the door.  I have bought a commercial ticket, walked through a fence gate and climbed stairs into the aircraft.

I deplore the TSA.  Back in the day, I referred to them as Ridge's Retards.  Back when Tom Ridge ran DHS.

I haven't flown commercial since 2007.  Tomorrow should be an adventure.


SEO Services said...
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Termite said...

So far I have never been singled out for the extended pat-down. If I am, I'm going to request a female agent to perform the pat-down.

Old NFO said...

Fly safe.