Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Impeachment is a Pipe Dream

 Mitch McConnell says that no one is impeaching Biden over Afghanistan.  And, he's right.  It's a pipe dream, and the Republicans should get over it.

1.  They don't have the votes in the House.  Pelosi will never let it get that far.

2.  They don't have the votes in the Senate.  It takes 67 votes to convict, and if anyone thinks that they can get to 67, they are dreaming.  Ain't gonna happen.

Republicans need to concentrate on what will increase their chances of taking both the House and the Senate in 2022.  Nothing else matters.


Steve said...

Everyone is skeered to 25th amendment prez applesauce for brains, "because, look who we'll GET!!!"
PPFFFFTTT so what. Bring the beeatch on! Wouldn't be any worse then what we are seeing right now. And then when we impeach, ol' kameltoe, we can get pukelosi in there and then we can impeach her!

Dave O. said...

Why should we decide what to do about the President, based on success or failure, instead of right or wrong?

dogsledder said...

The Republicans did not do a single thing to help President Trump for over four years, with the ONE exception of passing his tax cuts. Therefore, I will NOT be voting for any republicans OR democrats anymore UNLESS THEIR NAME IS TRUMP.