Saturday, September 04, 2021

Nursing Shortage

 My love, Belle, is a registered nurse.  We know several registered nurses.  There is a shortage of registered nurses in the US, and a capable, hard-working nurse is a God-send to any organization.  They command a good salary and are indispensable to our health care system.

And, some organizations are firing nurses who refuse to get the Covid vaccine.

That is short-sighted.  And, it's probably not going to hurt the nurses.  There is another job, just down the street.


juvat said...

I would refer to those organizations who fire nurses for not getting vaxxed as "Shooting themselves in the foot...with an automatic rifle...and multiple magazines."

But that's just me...being charitable.

Old NFO said...

Methodist down in Houston is feeling that pinch... And well deserved!!! Stupid idjits.

Reltney McFee said...

I have heard of schadenfreude. Is there a German word for "you idiots worked pretty hard to pour sand in your own gears, and now your truck won't move"?

Jonathan H said...

Many big employers are trying to force employees to get vaccinated... And many if those are looking at major problems if they do. I heard a discussion tonight about the local operations of an international company not pushing vaccination, contrary to company policy, because they'd lose 70% of their workers and have to shut down the facility.

Matthew W said...

Just part of the plan to import nurses from the Philippines to work cheaper.