Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Louisiana Covid Hospitalizations Decline

 It appears that the hospitalization rate in Louisiana is declining.  That is good news.  Despite the best efforts of Governor Edwards to keep us under his tyrannical thumb, the Covid count is getting smaller.

NEW ORLEANS — The number of COVID-19 hospitalizations in Louisiana continues to decline after reaching record-setting levels in mid-August.

According to the Louisiana Department of Health, there were 2,003 COVID-19 positive patients hospitalized across the state on Monday. That is down from the 3,022 reported on Aug. 17. The LDH said that 90 percent of those hospitalized were unvaccinated. 

Edwards might claim that is mask mandate helped to slow the spread, but he's fooling himself.  I haven't sen a mask worn in weeks.  Almost universally, people are ignoring the mandate If anything slowed the spread, it was the natural bell-curve of a standard distribution.  In the end of this pandemic, we may well learn that old-fashioned math and the way that numbers work were as much at play as anything else.

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