Sunday, September 12, 2021

Red Beans

 Belle and I were looking for something easy and filling and settled on Red Beans.  It's an old familiar Southern recipe, and we have it down to a science.  This is the slow-cooker version and takes about 12 hours, but while the cook time is long, the prep and work time is short.

Take a pound of dry red beans, a pound of good sausage (your choice), some salt, and six cups of water.

Rinse and sort the beans.  By "sorting", I mean to stir then with your fingers as you rinse them, and look for stray bits of gravel. Cut your sausage into bite-sized and them put beans, sausage, and water into your slow cooker.  Put it on low, and ignore it for 12 hours.  Stir it occasionally, if you must.

I put these beans on last night at 7:00 and went to bed.  After coffee this morning I gave them a stir.  In a couple of hours, we'll make a pot of rice and some cornbread.

This is a basic recipe.  You can add to it, if you like.  Chop an onion, maybe.  Or add garlic.  Whatever you like, they are your beans.  Or, you can do this with pinto beans, or white beans.  Add ham instead of sausage.  This is just about as basic as it comes.


Robert Orians said...

I do love me some red beans and rice . We make it with that old Ohio Bob Evans Hot & Spicy sausage . Ya got my mouth watering now . I keep two cases of number 10 cans of red beans in my SHTF storage down in the basement .

dogsledder said...

LOVE red beans and rice.

Justin_O_Guy said...

Every border crossing from Texas to Louisiana I told my running buddy to pull in the first place he saw beans and rice advertised.
So simple and so blasted Good. I'm not big on meat in it.. Just beans,rice and some cornbread, a Biggo glass of tea,,,Hell yeah

OC said...

I've noticed in other pictures that you line the crock pot with some sort of plastic.
Question: doesn't the plastic melt from the heat, even low heat?

BTW - looks yummy!!