Thursday, September 23, 2021

Who Is In Charge?

You may have heard of this debacle on the news, and I admit, I caught parts of it yesterday.  It seems that our president has ceded authority to an un=elected group of handlers.  What is truly alarming is when Boris Johnson days that he'll take a few questions, and our leader quips "Good Luck".  

Joe knows that he is not going to be allowed to answer questions. Which really puts a tidy exclamation mark on the question of who is running things at the White House.  It surely isn't Joe. He's not in charge, even in his  own office.

This is a sad reflection of his leadership qualities.  He knows that he is not in charge.


Jonathan H said...

I think he went along with this to protect his family and himself from criminal charges.
In December it was rumored that he told Trump he'd concede if Trump gave he and his family pardons.

Old NFO said...

That is a very good question... sigh