Monday, March 23, 2020

Trust the Numbers from Italy?

Not much. LawDog breaks it down for us.  It appears that Italy is playing touchy-feely with the numbers, kind of like what China did.


raven said...

Italian covid 19 surveillance group report March 20..

If this is typical, this thing is way way overblown. And the reaction is killing small business.

Old NFO said...


Termite said...

Report from the Gulf of Mexico oil patch:

March 19th: Everyone coming to work on our company production platforms were fever-checked and questioned about travel & contacts in last 21 days, by paramedics at the heliport, before signing in with the flight desk. One of our crew members had a runny nose and cough, said it was allergies(oak and pine are pollinating like crazy here); he was sent home and got tested for Kung Flu, results should be back in a couple more days.

March 17th: Houston office calls offshore and informs us(production ops) that we are now on a 28/28 rotation vs normal 14/14. This will likely last until May 14th at minimum, and probably until July 2.
Drilling rigs are normally on 21/21 rotation, and several drilling companies just announced they are going to a 42/42 rotation until further notice. Which will likely result in some personnel quitting once they crew-change.

Louisiana statewide cases are rising much faster than the national average, with the most cases being in the New Orleans area. Culprit is almost certainly Mardi Gras.

Termite said...

That first date should have been Mar 16th, not 19th.