Thursday, March 19, 2020

Helping Out

Our restaurants are hurting.  Not the big chains, I'm not particularly worried about McDonald, but the smaller, home-grown restaurants that we all know and love.

I was talking to a restaurateur yesterday, and he told me that the best thing we could do to help was to order take-out.  So, today I went to his place and ordered take-out.  Meat loaf, okra and tomatoes, rice and gravy, and bread pudding with white chocolate sauce.

I ate the bread pudding first.
I want to challenge everyone.  Support your local restaurants.  We want them to be here after this madness is over, and we need to support them now.  Go order take-out.  Better yet, order two or three and take them to someone stuck in.

We need to get through this thing with our businesses intact.


DaveS said...

I can understand the sentiment. Not too excited at the best of times about eating food prepared by others. I don't trust easily. Definitely don't trust strangers to prepare my food right now. I probably eat restaurant food two or three times a year - and that's always when I'm with a group of folks that want to eat out. That's how I roll - but I'm coming to understand that is not the case for most folks.

Steve Sky said...

It's not just the restaurants that need help. It's the waitresses that are dependent on tips, and live paycheck to paycheck. Having a two week enforced unplanned vacation will set these people quite far back. There goes the food or rent, and which do you choose.

Old NFO said...

Yep, we were discussing that at supper tonight. Will be doing the same out here.

paul said...

The local McDonalds is a franchise. A locally owned chain restaurant.