Wednesday, March 18, 2020

M95 Mask

I hear today that DOD is releasing a bunch of M95 masks for civilian use in the medical field.

They're gonna hate that sonofabitch.  It's hot, uncomfortable, but very effective at keeping out bad boogers.  I've worn them, and it's terrible.  No wonder the military is getting rid of them.

I am amused over the concern about the lack of ventilators.  Evidently, we need a lot of them.  In my way of thinking, there was nothing stopping any medical facility, anywhere, from ordering 10K ventilators last month.  They didn't, and now it's the government's fault?  Bullshit.


bolomk1 said...

Takes extensive traing to know how to use the ventilators.

DaveS said...

Ah yep - I remember those masks well. And the MOPP suits that went along with them. Hated both.

As bolomk1 said above - just having the ventilator machines is only part of the battle. Having staff, on hand and trained to use them, is the bigger and harder to manage part of that particular equation. You can throw money at some problems, but it won't necessarily solve them.

Robert said...

MOPP? Our NBC preps were to mask up and tuck our pants cuffs into our socks and duct tape shirt cuffs closed. I felt real protected. Kinda wish I had kept the mask, though it would be rotted out by now.

Micheal Alexander said...

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