Sunday, March 01, 2020

The Sunday Paper

For many years I enjoyed the Sunday paper with my coffee, a ritual that gave me great comfort.  Several years ago, our local birdcage liner devolved to the point where a subscription was simply an extravagance that I could no longer justify, and the internet had become my preferred news gathering media.

So, nowadays I get up, get a cup of coffee and click on trusted links to get my news.  I see this morning that Crazy Uncle Joe won the South Carolina primary, with almost half the vote. He thoroughly trounced Bernie, which means his campaign is good for another three days.

Super Tuesday happens in three days, when fourteen states (IIRC) hold their presidential primary.  Some of the heavy-hitter states are in the lineup, and we'll see who comes out of that contest with a viable candidacy.

The Louisiana presidential primary comes on April 4th, which is still a month away.  I, personally, have been drafted to take a bigger part in my local party committee, and I'm standing for election on that day, although I have not campaigned as vigorously as I did when I was running for Sheriff.  It's a small, unpaid post, and I'll happily serve if elected.  Others are campaigning for a ticket of conservatives, and I think that act bodes well for the local committee.


BobF said...

I may now be a few states away (does that stretch of AL *really* count on I-10?), but I can still appreciate the positive and active will to serve. Good on ya, regardless of outcome.

Old NFO said...

Local is where ALL politics start...