Monday, March 16, 2020


We're home, safe and sound.  We had a great time in Oklahoma, enjoyed the shoot and had a blast talking with old friends and meeting new friends.

Belle took a minor trophy as the 2nd place Super Senior Lady
I took a minor trophy as 3rd place, Sheriff's bracket.

Zach had a very good weekend. 
10th place overall.  Against some very good competition, he held his own, shot solidly for three days, and cemented his reputation as a first-rate gun fighter.

1st place, Junior champion.  The Juniors are young people who decide that they are through shooting wit the kids and want to compete with the big dogs.  They are expected to take their lumps, and they do, but they also bring a young game with fantastic reflexes.  The Juniors keep us all on our game.

1st place, Men's Traditional Champion.  This is generally the toughest category, because it is large (ages 18-48) and folks are younger and faster.  Taking this category is nearly akin to the overall championship.  It's quite a feather in the hat, and he took it.

Check his holster.  American flag motif.  Over 10K tooling strikes on that rig.
We're home, and safe, and it appears that while we were gone, the whole country went crazy.  I'll spend today sorting through the personal dunnage and putting stuff away, then try to figure out why America believes that toilet paper will control the virus.  And ketchup.  Evidently, some places are having a ketchup shortage.


Anonymous said...

Ketchup shortage - because some folks think the sun rises and sets on ketchup added to some part of their meal. My daughter will ONLY eat scrambled eggs if ketchup is spread on side to eaten together. I don't know where she gained that, neither my wife or I do that (though we do like salsa on the side or spread into it).

So I'm guessing the ketchup (Catsup ?) is just comfort food.

Congratulations on all of your awards, especially the boy. Must have had a good teacher - nice job !!

DaveS said...

Congrats to Zach! Standing up and doing a man's job of things.

Old NFO said...

Congrats to you all! Glad you made it back okay!