Monday, March 02, 2020

That's Really Rude

The world has gone crazy.  I heard on Rush Limbaugh today that some nations approach to the corona virus is not quite as humane as the US response.  As reported:
The story appears in the Singapore version of the International Business Times website, headlined "North Korea's first confirmed Coronavirus COVID 19 patient shot dead: report", saying that the country's leader Kim Jong-un "sanctioned the execution of the first North Korean patient tested positive for the deadly strain of the virus".
I bet that keeps them out of the emergency room.

In other news, I see that Amy Klobuchar has suspended her campaign and is endorsing Joe Biden.  As did Mayor Pete earlier.  Exit question?  What happens to the dozen votes those two got in early voting? 

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Steve said...

That will keep them out of the ER and the hospital; so they can spread the virus amongst their countrymen....unintended consequences. HEH