Sunday, March 29, 2020

Lest We Forget

Exactly two weeks ago, I was in Sepulpa, OK, getting ready to leave the motel for the final day of the Oklahoma State Championship.  We had heard about the corona virus, but no one was truly convened.  It wasn't till we were home Monday that the awful truth started to sink in.  The President issued his "15 days" warning, and people started paying attention.

In the interim, we've learned some hard lessons.  Toilet paper can be in short supply even in the most prosperous country in the wold.  Politicians are generally idiots, which we knew, but never on such glaring display.

The mayor of New Oleans has said that she would have cancelled Mardi Gras if the federal government had warned her about the outbreak.  Realy?  Mardi Gras was on February 25th.  At that point, the USA had not yet recorded the fist death on American soil.  And the mayor would have cancelled Mardi Gras?  The outraged citizens would have run her out of town on a rail.  The mayor o New Orleans is spouting complete and utter bullshit.  Which is what the Mayor of New Orleans normally does. 

Business Insider has a pretty good timeline of what we've learned and when we've learned it.  Our whole world has changed in the past two weeks, and it seems like a couple of months.  It's only been 13 days.

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