Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Wuhhan Update

The panic is starting to subside locally, and we're settling into an uneasy truce with the effects of this virus.  The supply chains haven't caught p with the early rush, and it may be several days until the shelves are fully stocked.  I had a grocery list and had to hit two stores to get it all.  I've never seen a Louisiana store that was totally out of rice, but I saw it today.  Rice is a staple Louisiana food.  We raise a lot and we eat a lot.  I was able to buy rice, and in my preferred brand.

The shelves still have food on them, but the selection is limited.

Belle was out looking for medical supplies and was unable to find alcohol wipes for her clients who need to self-inject things like insulin..

I wrapped up my travels early and came home.  Decided to cook a big pot of dirty rice to feed Zach and I.  Dirty rice is a comfort food and we need to be comforted right now.

It's time to go piddle in the shop until Belle comes home.

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raven said...

What is your address. I have four boxes of injection wipes I will put in the mail, no charge. Picked them up a few days ago thinking they were hand wiping size.