Wednesday, March 04, 2020

The Colt New Army

Below, a fascinating review of the Colt New Army, basically a review of Colt service revolvers fro 1873 to 1917.  The video is almost an hour long, so get a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage.

We all know that the US 1911 played a huge part in World War I, but many people don't realize just how may revolvers made it into the trenches, including two different versions of the Model 1917,   One by Colt and one by Smith and Wesson.

As late as Operation Desert Storm, we were still issuing revolvers to some personnel, primarily female soldiers.  I recall having a few stainless Ruger Security Sixes to female MPs at Fort Polk.  They could opt to carry the 1911 or the revolver, purely personal preference.


Jonathan H said...

I have a Security Six in .38 Special/ .357 Magnum; did they use .38 Special in the Army, or another caliber?

Old NFO said...

I have the Colt version of that in my safe. Rugged as hell!