Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Louisiana Covid-19

We're under a stay-at-home order.  Evidently (though the Governor won't likely admit it), the Chinese Scourge came in during Mardi Gras.

1172 cases as of yesterday.  The epicenter seems to be New Orleans (which supports the Mardi Gras theory), but it is spreading outward.  Here in Rapdies parish we have 8 cases as of the last report. The current map is here.

Our Governor, John Bel Edwards, is a case study in What's Wrong With America.  He's an anti-business, pro-welfare democrat who would rather have people living on the government dole rather than working.  Our insurance rates are the highest in the country and he represents the trial lawyers who don't want us to reform tort liability.  It's nearly impossible to do business in Louisiana, and the education system is in the pit.  Louisiana politics are noted for geed and corruption, and Edwards seems happy to exemplify it.

The population loss figures I can find are from 2018-19 and I suspect that they are much greater in the year 2019-20.  I suspect that we have lost upwards of 40K citizens in the past year, ad will probably lose on US congressional district after this year's census.

He is the first governor in our history to make a formal order that I can't go get a haircut.  He acts like he's proud that Louisiana has the fastest growth in Covid cases, it's the only thing Louisiana is 1st in, and he acts like it's all his doing.

Socialists all over the world increase their power and restrict freedom, all while telling people "it's for your own good".  Socialism is noted for a few things: poor business climate, empty store shelves, increase unemployment, and people desperately wanting to be any where else.

That summarizes Louisiana right now, and most of the problem is John Bel Edwards.


Old NFO said...

Sigh... Sorry to hear that. Being from Louisiana it hurts me deeply... This is worse than Huey P....

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Lots of Louisiana license plates seen out in the patch. Why, most even know how to drive in snow!

Termite said...

LawDog has some interesting thoughts on Kung Flu statistics, particularly the data coming from China.